lymphatic plexus

lymphatic plexus
лимфатическое сплетение

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  • lymphatic plexus — an interconnecting network of lymph vessels, i.e., the lymphocapillary vessels, collecting vessels, and trunks, which provides drainage of lymph in a one way flow …   Medical dictionary

  • sacral lymphatic plexus — a fine network of lymphatic vessels in the hollow of the sacrum …   Medical dictionary

  • plexus lumbalis — 1. [TA] lumbar plexus: a plexus formed by the anterior branches of the second to fifth lumbar nerves in the psoas major muscle (the branches of the first lumbar nerve often are included). The lower division of the fourth lumbar nerve joins the… …   Medical dictionary

  • plexus lumbalis — noun 1. a lymphatic plexus located along the lower portion of the aorta and iliac vessels • Syn: ↑lumbar plexus • Hypernyms: ↑plexus, ↑rete 2. a plexus of nerves formed by the ventral branches of the first four lumbar nerves • Syn: ↑lumbar plexus …   Useful english dictionary

  • plexus inguinalis — inguinal plexus: a lymphatic plexus situated near the end of the long saphenous vein and along the femoral artery and vein in the iliopectineal fossa …   Medical dictionary

  • plexus lymphaticus axillaris — [TA] axillary lymphatic plexus: a plexus of lymph vessels and nodes in the fossa axillaris …   Medical dictionary

  • plexus iliacus externus — a lymphatic plexus situated about the external iliac vessels …   Medical dictionary

  • plexus — [plek′səs] n. pl. plexuses or plexus [ModL < L, a twining, braid < pp. of plectere, to twine, braid; akin to plicare: see PLY1] 1. a complexly interconnected arrangement of parts; network 2. Anat. a network of blood vessels, lymphatic… …   English World dictionary

  • plexus — A network or interjoining of nerves and blood vessel s or of lymphatic vessels. [L. a braid] abdominal aortic (nervous) p. [TA] an autonomic p. surrounding the abdominal aorta, directly continuous with the thoracic aortic p. superiorly and …   Medical dictionary

  • plexus coeliacus — 1. [TA] celiac plexus: a prevertebral plexus that lies on the front and sides of the aorta at the origins of the celiac trunk and superior mesenteric and renal arteries. It contains the paired celiac ganglia, the superior mesenteric ganglion (or… …   Medical dictionary

  • plexus hypogastricus — hypogastric plexus 1. the hypogastric portion of the prevertebral plexuses; see p. hypogastricus inferior and p. hypogastricus superior. 2. a plexus of lymphatic vessels in the hypogastric region …   Medical dictionary